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After a lot of mulling over this dangerous idea introduced by Zeroc, we finally decided to share it with you hoping that you’ll read the whole concept and its implications first before trying your hands on it; believe me, its pretty dangerous.
We’d suggest you to first study everything about Electromagnetic Pulse. EMP is quite effective in destroying electronic devices like computers, televisions, cars – everything with electrical circuitry. You can create your own magnet with the help of steel, some wires and electricity in order to send the desired magnetic pulses, but before you try anything of the sort, you may want to know more on EMP.
What is it and how it works
In the 21st century technologically driven world we’re all travelling at the speed of light, but imagine a state when all this progress on electrical circuitry comes to an irreversible standstill, what happens then? Well it isn’t a situation that’s crept in yet, but this is exactly what en EMP bomb is capable of inflicting.
EMP or Electromagnetic Pulse bomb is a weapon designed to detonate high above the Earth’s atmosphere, releasing huge amount of energy some of which is in the form of gamma rays – rays with million volts of energy. These rays collide with the atmosphere hitting the oxygen and hydrogen molecules and knocking off electrons to create high voltage electric current in space. This current move down to the Earth’s surface with an intense power and fractures the electrical circuits sending the heavily wired world into darkness, with no harm to people – they’ll not even feel a thing.
EMP会产生很强的(Earth’s atmosphere)和伽马射线,这些射线会与氢和氧粒子碰撞,产生很高的电压,可以损害电子设备,但不会对人产生影响.
With an EMP attack, everything with microelectronics in it would stop, power grids would collapse, generators would go useless, cars wouldn’t run, electronics will go dead and in seconds after the explosion, the EMP bomb will cripple the military and would send the area of impact into utter darkness – an irreversible standstill that is.
Possible damage
An EMP attack can have varying degree of damage, while a low-level electromagnetic pulse would temporarily jam electric grids, electronics and cars, a more intense attack on the other hand could permanently collapse power grids corrupt important computer data and fry all electric and electronic equipments. All kinds of targeting systems on the ground and on missiles and bombs, communications systems, navigation systems and the military’s ability to organize itself could all be destroyed – leaving the native with only non-electric weapons to fight the enemy and overcome the Electronic Armageddon.
What’s scaring?
Though we’ve learnt that EMP bombs are generally non-lethal and don’t have any direct effect on humans, there are still many indirect ways the electromagnetic pulse could kill us. They could easily kill patients in hospitals who are all dependent on electrically powered machines and life support systems like pace maker etc. EMP attack would neutralize vehicles, aircraft, causing catastrophic accidents, other than bringing modern life to an uncalled halt.
How to make an EMP bomb
If you’ve read the potential dangers and still aren’t scared but are all the more excited to build an EMP bomb yourself, then get an insulated copper wire and wrap it around a switched on conducting container and put Pure iron core in the container. Next, get a huge capacitor, which you can easily rip out of an old TV set at home, and build a timer circuit with a High voltage/current Thyrisistor and switch it on. Now, hook up the capacitor to the input of the thyrisistor and that to the coil component, charge the capacitor and your bomb is ready to go.
For a trial, place an electronic gadget near the bomb and switch on both, the bomb and the gadget, if the gadget stop working after the timer you set on the bomb, then go out shouting in excitement, because you’ve actually managed making an EMP bomb of your own.17654
老外一开始就说了believe me, its pretty dangerous。
不过如果不pretty dangerous,那那里来的乐趣