提问者:Thuy-Hong Nguyen

提问内容:I am Thuy-Hong. I used to hand code HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in early 2000. I’m retaking web classes. I want to work as a freelancer in WordPress . How do I determine the rate? Advice? Thank you!


Muhammad Nadeem Asalm
Web Engineer

You know there are alot of web designers and developers that are working as a freelancer now a days. So the first things is not to think about the rate but to think how do you get your first job as a freelancer on the online websites like Elance, ODesk and so.
When I started working on oDesk, I was applying to multiple jobs day and night with the rates that I thought is good for me but It was very hard to get hired without any ratings. So then I decided to bid an amount very less than the clients budget so I could get a job or 2. and then luckily! thanks to my first client that he hired me. It was a small project (Some fixes on a PHP website), and I proposed around $35 but the clients budget was $100.

So then I got started bidding very less than the clients budget and got 3 or 4 more projects the same way. My those clients left me some Great reviews and Ratings. And now I mostly charge my clients double their budget because they know we will get everything done.

and now I have accounts on almost all the popular freelancing websites with Great Ratings.
Good luck to you!



Nora McDougall-Collins
Working with small business to understand how their website works and works with their business

In a way, you are ahead of the curve because you have practical knowledge of HTML and CSS. There are many WordPress developers who can only work in the dashboard. Have you ever built a WordPress site?



André Brandvoll Boger
CEO / Webdesigner / Developer

It’s not easy to set what your work is worth by yourself, as a freelancer you will need the cash to pay for your bills, but you will also need the jobs you can get. Find your self a way up, build a portfolio that will attract new clients and opportunity to get higher rates. The rates should fit with the main area(s) you are working with.



Charles Bohannan
Entreproducer, Content Marketer, Editor

Hi Thuy-Hong — first of all, hats off to you for being an old-school hand coder. I could never do it myself and really suffered during those days.

There is no straight answer to determining your rates as a WordPress freelancer, but I will say you can do really well for yourself if you can sell your potential clients the unique value of your work.

For example, they could go out and hire an oDesk worker for $15/hour and end up getting a pretty substandard or mediocre website — in my experience this is usually the case. But you could come along and sell them on your experience, personality, portfolio, etc. — and charge more — like $1,000 for a simple 5 page WordPress website.

The bottom line is this: people want to pay good money for good things; it makes them feel good. The better you can sell them on how awesome you are, the more you can charge.


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