that’s all right和you’re welcome的区别

经常混淆that’s all right和you’re welcome的用法,这次mark一下要记住。 that’s all right和you’re welcome的区别: that’s all right和you’re welcome都有不必客气的意思,并非都是不用谢的意思. 当别人做了某件可能使你感到不好的事,而抱歉时, 你的回答应该是That’s all right而非后者; 当你帮别人做了某件事, 他对你表示感谢时, 你的回答应该是You’re welcome, 而用前者回应不好; 情景对话: I am sorry I missed the appointment last night because my car broke down. That is all right. Thank you very much for answering my questions. You are welcome!